Looking for a career change?
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You can have a career that allows you to live your passion, make the most of your talents, and meet your financial goals
Let me help you discover your perfect career so you can live your passion every day!
Career Transformation Coaching
What is coaching?
Coaching is a powerful way for you to discover the ideal career for you. You actually hold all the answers to your questions about which career opportunities to pursue. An effective coach will help shine a light for you to make this discovery. 

NOTE: Dr. Mayo has found that career transformation coaching is most effective with at least 4 sessions. The one hour sessions are highly structured, but are personalized to your needs based on initial consultation - below is an example of a 4 session schedule
  • Session 1: VISION - Creating the ideal job: honing in on your passion and purpose
  • Session 2: TALENT - Expanding the vision for your talents and experience
  • Session 3: PROFIT - Discovering profitable career opportunities
  • Session 4: ACTION - Interview preparation and next steps
As part of your coaching experience, you will take a variety of assessments. These assessments will help you identify and hone in on your strengths and values, learn what type of position ideally suits you, and discover the type of work environment where you will thrive. There is no additional cost for these assessments.
What else is included?
As desired, the following services can be built into your sessions at no additional cost:
  • Resume refining for your ideal career - Resume review and editing to position you well for your desired career opportunity
  • ​Cover letter crafting - Creating a cover letter that highlights you as a rising star and exceptional talent in your career
  • Interview preparation - Role playing to help you prepare for your upcoming interview
Career Transformation Coaching

Imagine waking up every day excited about getting your day started! You have a career that you are passionate about, that allows you to work at the top level of your talents, and rewards you well financially for the work you do. As you make your coffee in the morning, you already have so many ideas that you cannot wait to have your team start implementing. You have confidence that you are adding so much value to the world with what you do. You are living the life you've always dreamed.
You can have it all...Dr. Mayo will show you how...
Darlene A. Mayo MD
Neurosurgeon and Neuroscientist
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Meet your career transformation coach

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo brings a wealth of experience to the world of career coaching. Over the past seven years, she has coached numerous professionals in a variety of industries, including health care, education, and the corporate sector to help them identify and secure career positions that they love.

Dr. Mayo retired early from a career as one of the top neurosurgeons in the world to start her own consulting business. One of her passions is to help those she coaches to create a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.  She expands her impact by serving as an author, speaker, and corporate consultant, using her knowledge of neuroscience to help others maximize their impact in the world.

Dr. Mayo’s credentials include an undergraduate degree from Duke University, medical school and neurosurgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia, clinical and research fellowships at UCLA, Emory, Mayo Clinic, and the Atomic Energy Commission in France. In addition to practicing as a neurosurgeon for 10 years, she has conducted research in how to use neuroscience to maximize the function of the brain for the last 20 years. She has been certified as an executive coach for over 7 years.

She lives in Florida with her husband and two children. 
 How much do sessions cost?
To serve well in this current crisis, Dr. Mayo is temporarily reducing the cost of career transformation coaching by 50%.
Single session: $250 $125
4 session package: $800 $400
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